The Online Weekender

  • 30Steps


28 days to experience elements of a Weekender workshop. During the online workshop you will have access to Pilates workouts; 5 to 15 minutes long, mental skills sessions and session focusing on breathwork. 21 days to build strength, find clarity and create space for new healthy habits. The aim is to get your body and mind moving in bite sized portions. Designed to fit into your current life situation; alongside your normal exercise routine, family fun, social butterflying, work juggle, starting out in to exercise, wanting to create routine. The aim is to complete each 5 - 15 minute daily step over 21 days. However, as we know life is not always that simple we have allowed for 28 days to complete each step. Don’t stress if you miss a day and pick up again the next day. If you do complete the 21 days and want to repeat some of your favourites again you have an extra 7 days to enjoy again.

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