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Our Beginning 

Weekender Events is Rachel’s brain child.  All the pieces were there, just waiting to be put together.  Self-doubt, two kids and the business of life meant this concept was in the incubator for a wee while.  When the world was falling apart around  us midway through 2020, a timely reminder from Lex about embracing fears and getting out of your own way helped Rach take the first step. The moment felt right.  One coffee catch up with Lex and a shot of her can-do attitude and immediate belief in the idea brought this vision alive.  A whiteboard session and a couple of flat whites later, life was breathed into Weekender. We were in full agreement on what we wanted and what we didn't. 


We have drawn on our evolving skill sets and our life pathways to bring together the perfect reset button.  We can offer expert advice from years of training in a multitude of areas.  Fun, energy and a joint belief our bodies need to be moved and our minds need to be supported.  Simple, elegant and in nature.  Our events are absolutely the way we would love to spend a few hours filling our cups.  Movement, connection, reflection and learning.


Weekender events are an active get away to empower your body and spice up your mind.  We bring you a fun and honest space to reconnect with yourself.  There will be elements of inspiration, energy, motivation and exhilaration.  Strengthening your body and mind is essential for overall well being.  Rebuild your relationship with yourself, but with a bit of flare as we awaken your endorphins.  ​Connecting Pilates and Mindset coaching opens the space for a fresh feeling in mind, body and opportunity of growth.  Adding some laughter and playful energy while you’re doing this is an added bonus.

​Weekender retreats are for all genders; solo, with a partner, with a friend, with a group; a love of movement, a thirst for exercise; an open mind and a willingness to have some fun.

​Our insane optimism for starting up our retreat vision during the rollercoaster year of 2020 is just a hint of the chipper energy expected to welcome you at Weekender events.



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