Rachel is a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor; with 13 years’ experience in Physiotherapy between the UK and NZ and 8 years of Pilates experience.  She offers at home Pilates sessions privately and works from Reab on Selbourne in Auckland.  She believes Pilates and exercise keep injuries in check.  Keeping active and nourishing the mind is the perfect foundation to achieve overall wellness.  Rach’s ‘active’ often comes in the form of running around and playing with her two young boys, and nourishing the mind can be chatting with friends over a good wine.  Finding family life, self and work balance is key.  The need for a retreat reset button has never been more acute.​

Work with Rach:


Private Pilates and Physiotherapy 





Alexis is a mindset and performance coach. She is a speaker, innovator and business owner, athlete and Olympian.  Since retiring from her international boxing career in 2019, Alexis has committed to sharing her mental performance tools with others. The skills she learned inside the ring made an even bigger impact on her life outside of it, and they will do the same for you. Our minds are beautiful and complex, they can either be a liability or our greatest asset. 

“Learning how to harness the power of one's mind is a skill. I had to learn it all, just like you will” - Lex



Work with Lex: 

Mindset & Performance Coaching, Workshops, Motivational Speaking 

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Our Future plans for Weekender: 


1 day retreats, 2-3 day retreats; Group retreats; corporate retreats